Networked Project Theme 4: Series As Medium

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A series is no longer confined to the works themselves, but also begins to exist in the juxtaposition and silences that connect and divide the works. Because if its malleable and collaborative nature, the internet has become a hum for serialisation. Creative practitioners can keep works running for many years, adding to them over time. Artists can also open works to the public to contribute to the series and thereby change how the series is made and thereby its meaning.

Series on the internet draw heavily from previous serial forms, television and comics being the most represented. But methods of serialisation unique to networked media are also emerging. Social feeds, blogs, and web-specific videos - making this a very interesting space to explore.


Spike: Playing with Dolls
No longer active A serialised narrative using The Sims characters as actors.

Emily Horne and Joey Comeau: A Softer World
Juxtaposed photographs and text using a three step beat to convey mini narratives.

Alexander Danner : Panel One
A webcomic that explores the use of the comic form itself as a signifier in narrative.

No longer available Danial Merlin Goodbrey:
Webcomics exploring the narrative potential of the serial form.

Rooster Teeth
Famous for the machinama Red vs Blue which plays with games as subject and medium.

@twitterfiction: 140 Characters
Works of fiction using 140 characters or less!/twitterfiction

Ben White (editor): Nanoism
A collection of twitter fictions submitted by the community

YouTube and Media Works in and of Series:

YouTube Tryptichs:
Mark America Interview:
Mass Ornament:
Heat & the Heartbeat of the City:
Rhizome: My Name is Kallie:
Kallie is my Name:
Kallie is my Name:

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